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Rotimi Akinsete

Rotimi Akinsete, Psychodynamic Counsellor, Number 42
Job title
Psychodynamic Counsellor
Therapy formats

Navigating life's challenges can often evoke complex emotions and uncertainties. In my therapeutic approach, I view these emotional landscapes as fertile ground for exploration. This journey involves understanding your place in the world, your relationship with it, and the meanings you assign to your experiences. Through the dynamic exchange between you and I, a path to greater clarity and the discovery of new avenues towards a more fulfilling and creative life emerges.

The duration of our therapeutic journey is flexible, tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Whether it's addressing specific emotional struggles or delving into the deeper aspects of your identity, I adapt to your preferences. Our journey commences with an initial session where we discuss your motivations for seeking therapy. With an academic background including an MSc in therapeutic counselling and diplomas in counselling and clinical supervision, I bring over two decades of experience as a therapist and supervisor to guide you on this transformative path.

Throughout my career, I've been an active contributor to the fields of health, wellbeing and psychotherapy, participating in expert panels, conducting workshops, and authoring "This Book Could Help: The Men's Headspace Manual". These pursuits illustrate my commitment to sharing knowledge and providing valuable resources for personal growth, particularly in navigating life's challenges. In my counselling practice, I draw upon psychodynamic principles, recognising the importance of exploring the unconscious and understanding the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship. This comprehensive foundation reflects my profound passion for catalysing positive change in the realms of psychotherapy, leadership, and education.


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