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Services for Therapists


Number 42 is a diverse community of therapists, both as practitioners and practices. We believe any individual is stronger in community.

The unifying idea behind the practice is that of the embodied psyche held in a social context: the mind born out of the body which is held in relation with the minds around it. We have structured our practice as a community in dialogue to reflect this.

Number 42 therapy room

Therapy rooms

The rooms are spacious, light and arranged over 4 floors. Designed by artist Clare Stent and the 51 architecture practice, they are particularly orientated toward small group and individual work.

Reflecting the diverse nature of the practice, they are neither too cluttered, nor too bare, to suit all therapy styles, and offer a welcoming environment for our diverse practitioner and client group.

There is also a library of resources available to consult in room 8. These are books collected and donated by a psychotherapist, and they reflect the diverse practice styles of Number 42.

Reflective Practice & Dialogue Group

Every Thursday there is a reflective practice and dialogue group that the whole practice is invited to attend. This group enables the life of the practice to be considered weekly and for issues that arise, whether for individual practitioners or the whole practice, to be discussed. This helps the practice to be held in mind by its community, ameliorating the anxieties of practicing alone.

Twice a year we hold a large group for the whole practice to meet and think about the work and our development. This is often orientated toward a particular theme that may be current socially or alive in the practice.

These groups are not overly structured, but are influenced by the thinking of David Bohm.

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Supervision & CPD

It is possible to attend supervision groups within the practice or establish supervisory relationships with other practice members. This supports your practice within the frame of the community as a whole.

We also hold CPD events twice a year. These usually focus upon current practice issues or events that arise wider in the psychotherapy profession. This helps build a body of shared knowledge available to the whole practice.

As it is a diverse and integrative practice the knowledge covers a broad range of perspectives in dialogue.


There are large group meetings every six months to which all the practice is invited. This gives an opportunity for the community members to meet each other and for the practice to work through that half-year’s experience.

On the remaining two quarter days there are themed training days exploring topics that arise in the life of the practice.

These four yearly events give the opportunity for the practice to meet together and to share experiences — growing as a practice and developing our shared skills.

There are more ad hoc informal social events promoting the practice, and an annual Burns Night supper.


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We expect our practitioners to take responsibility for their own practise. However, we also operate a referral system. Any referral is focused upon client need and we cannot guarantee to make a referral but try to support any practitioner as best we can. There is a fee for each referral who stays for more than 4 sessions, to meet administration costs for this service.