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About Number 42


A diverse community of practitioners and practices.

Number 42 was founded in 2010, bringing together practitioners from the NHS and the voluntary sector. The principle behind its founding was communitarian.

Much of its philosophy and practice is rooted in a previous holistic addictions project — The CORE Trust, founded in 1985. This offers Number 42 a long history and the root principle of sustaining a community in dialogue to support each member to learn and change through listening, both to oneself and others. Real attention was and is paid to listening and receiving new life into being.

Many people joined this community from a practice at St Thomas’ Hospital, bringing their particular experts and experience, together this forged a rigorous and thoughtful community.

Our ethos

Number 42 has always focussed upon belonging and community, from finding a way to belong in one's own body to belonging in our family or close community to belonging in the wider society. Finding a way to belong is often a complex and uncomfortable process but brings us to some acceptance, to some home in ourselves and our lives.

We have found that it is possible to accept the difficulties one faces and find the change one seeks through listening and dialogue. Together we learn, bringing our own wisdom to our sufferings and facilitating change. We believe Number 42 in all its forms helps with this endeavour.

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