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Counselling & Therapy Services

Number 42 offers a range of group and individual therapies, counselling and coaching.

Number 42 is a community with a variety of therapists. We meet with our clients face to face and online, individually and in groups.

You can search the website for a style of therapy or practitioner that interests you, or you can take an assessment to discuss your needs with us, and we will recommend a practitioner to you.

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How We Work

We offer a range of therapies individually and in groups. Sessions can be face to face or online. Individual sessions are usually 50 minutes, and group sessions are usually 90. This can be discussed with your therapist. Sessions usually start on the hour...

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Reduced Fee Service

The reduced fee service is for those on a low income. Below £25,000 annual income. You will have an assessment and be placed with a trainee who is supported by the practice and their training organisation...

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