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How We Work

At Number 42 we work face to face and online, meeting individually with a therapist or in a group.

Most individual sessions are 50 minutes to an hour and most groups are 90 minutes. There are different styles of therapy to choose from.

Psychotherapy is a broad discipline offering both short term cognitive work and long term practices such as Psychoanaylsis. Short term therapy can help you with current and specific issues such as phobias or compulsive behaviours, and longer term therapy will address underlying problems enabling long term change.

If you have an understanding of what you need, please look at our therapists where you can contact someone directly.

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Choosing the right therapy for you can be difficult and confusing if you have no previous experience. Research shows it is the strength of the relationship between the therapist and client that is the best indicator of a good outcome. To help you find the right type of therapy and therapist, we provide an initial assessment with a senior practitioner who will make recommendations for the best solution.

To arrange an assessment please complete our assessment enquiry form or contact us.

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