Charlotte Wynn Parry


Executive Coaching / Consultancy

I help individuals, teams and organisations develop leadership skills, improve communication, gain a better understanding of themselves and others, identify problems and underlying dynamics at work to find ways forward and influence change.

Working in organisations today can be complex and demanding. Having a supportive, confidential space to think collaboratively about yourself and your role in the context of your organisation helps make sense of the challenges and brings insight into what is personal, or about the role or the particular organisation. This makes situations easier to manage and work life more productive and creative.

I have worked with managers and teams for over 20 years in charities, education and the voluntary sector. I also have extensive experience of chairing and serving on committees. My Masters is in organisational consultancy from the Tavistock and I am an accredited AnaIytic Network coach.

I have 30 years experience of working as a psychotherapist in private practice and have specialised as a clinical supervisor, tutor, lecturer, group facilitator and workshop leader, in various agencies and trainings. This breadth of experience, gives me a depth of understanding of people and dynamics, which I bring to my work as a coach and consultant.

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