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Mick Sands

Mick Sands, Psychotherapist, Number 42
Job title
Therapy formats

Qualifications & experience

I have a BA Hons. (Manchester), and a PGCSE (London). I am a Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor therapist, and have a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy.

I have a background in secondary and special education, professional theatre and music, and extensive experience in therapeutic communities, learning disability, social and palliative care.

I have worked for the last three years in Number 42's Reduced Fee Service.

My approach

If we were to work together, I would draw from a broad range of therapeutic approaches informed by your individual needs and preferences. I would attend to creating with you a safe space within which we could explore possibilities for your healing and growth; explore and develop awareness around the life choices you have made and may wish to make, in the face of issues that may trouble your present and may have their roots in your past.

I work with a broad range of life issues including relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, depression, loss, trauma, family history, and life fulfilment.

I offer 50 minute sessions, on both short and long term contracts.

Contact me

To book a session or ask any questions feel free to contact me directly.