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Max Phillips

Job title

My approach to psychotherapy incorporates a Jungian understanding of mental suffering and methods of addressing it. I do not, however, rule out other approaches, from psychoanalytic to philosophical (existential) when working with a patient to make sense of his or her difficulties.

Most of all, when working with patients in the consulting room, I prefer to leave theories at the door and to address the patient in his or her own uniqueness.

For many, simply having a space to speak to another human being that feels safe and non-judgmental, and where confidentiality means that one may express thoughts and feelings that may be uncomfortable and therefore taboo in other settings, sets the conditions for healing to take place.

I am particularly experienced in working with patients who have experienced complex grief and loss and may feel that life has lost its meaning.

We would meet either once or multiple times weekly, depending on the need.

I am a full member of both the British Psychotherapy Foundation (BPF) and the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and practice by their ethical guidelines.

Contact me

To book a session or ask any questions feel free to contact me directly.