Jane Walmsley

Jane Walmsley, Mediator, Consultant, Coach & Psychotherapist, Number 42


Mediator, Consultant, Coach & Psychotherapist

Jane is highly skilled in facilitating communication between people in conflict and enabling them to find practical and workable ways of resolving their differences. As a mediator, coach and consultant, she works closely with people who handle high expectations, high pressure and, commonly, limited collaboration, to foster approaches to responding intelligently and creatively to the tensions that regularly arise. Over the last 30 years she has worked with the civil service, manufacturing industry and professional services organisations in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Jane’s experience as global director of an international professional membership organisation has involved her in mediating conflicts within the organisation that derive from political and idealogical differences and require sensitive yet clear responses and direction. This in-house role balances and complements her experience and expertise as an independent mediator and consultant.  

Jane is accredited in both commercial and workplace mediation. She has a PG Diploma in Executive Coaching. She is a qualified existential psychotherapist working in private practice, with experience of working within the NHS. She is a non-practising barrister and has an LLM in International Commercial Law.


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