How We Work


Choosing the right therapy for you can be difficult and confusing if you have no previous experience. Research shows it is the strength of the relationship between the therapist and client that is the best indicator of a good outcome. To help you find the right type of therapy and therapist, we provide an initial assessment with a senior practitioner who will make recommendations for the best solution.

To arrange an assessment please call 020 7096 5001 or email

If you already have an understanding of what you need, please link directly to our therapists.


The cost of an initial assessment (see above) is £100. Fees are then negotiable with and paid to each individual practitioner.

Our practitioners generally charge between £70 and £120 per session. Our senior practitioners may charge more for their experience. Most of our practitioners also work on a sliding scale for day time appointments.

Reduced Fee Service

We aim to make our services widely available and offer reduced fees for those who are unemployed or on a low income.

If you think you qualify for our reduced fee services, please contact us. An assessment session for within the RFS is charged at £50. As the assessment is conducted by a senior practitioner and is a therapeutic experience in itself, this fee will be charged in advance of the meeting and whether or not a therapist recommendation follows and/or is successful. 

Appointments with your allocated therapist or counsellor will be weekly on a Monday morning, Friday or Sunday. The fee for sessions depend on your income with the current minimum charge being a weekly standing order of £15.

The reduced fee practitioners are carefully selected therapists and counsellors in the advanced stages of their training as well as qualified practitioners.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us.