Online Therapy

Number 42 has gone online. Whilst we can’t travel, Number 42 is still working, offering online assessment and online therapists.

Online Assessment

Our online assessment service will:

  • give you the opportunity to discuss your needs with a senior therapist.
  • help you become clearer about what is possible for you.
  • find you a good match from our experienced team.

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Online services

Many of our therapists have considerable history of working through online media.

This page will show you who is currently offering this work individually and/or in groups:

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Common Experiences

Experiences we are finding common during this difficult time that we may be able to help with are:

Anxiety / fear

We are all experiencing fear as this epidemic develops. To talk and share these fears, and those from our history that they may relate to, helps us bring them into proportion and reduce the unpleasant experiences associated with them.

Isolation & loneliness

Those of us who live alone may well be experiencing loneliness and feel isolated. Connecting with one of our therapists may help these feelings and offer the motivation to reconnect to others.


Feelings of anxiety and isolation can lead over time to depression. These experiences can be brought to therapy, understood and worked with to help lift your mood and make these difficult times more bearable.

Conflict & struggle with loved ones and close relationships

Often when we spend time with those we love for extended periods we experience conflict. Talking to one of our therapists may help you to understand these feelings and how to manage them so that the conflict can diminish and be in some instances resolved.

Some of our therapists work with couples as well as individually.

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