Luiza Neumayer



I consider myself to be an empathetic, warm, kind and insightful person. My main concern is to provide a welcoming, safe environment for the clients who come to me. It is important to me to build a strong and trusting working relationship with my clients - so that they’ll feel safe to open up and feel willing and empowered to consider making the changes during the therapeutic process.

My way of working is connected and reflective: which means difficult emotions and traumatic life experiences can be processed together, in a deeply personal but highly professional way. This helps clients integrate and consolidate new healing experiences. I am taking care to understand each client’s own individual circumstances & psychological situation so that I can tailor my work according to the clients’ own specific needs.

I am a chartered psychologist and also qualified in psycho dynamic counselling and psychotherapy, working with adults, couples and parents. Before my training, I was the CEO of a charity and worked with children diagnosed with disabilities from autism spectrum. The therapeutic relationships I built with children, as well with their parents, helped me develop a great sense of patience, perseverance and belief in the human capacity to heal.

I immersed myself in my own lengthy personal therapy and I am continuously engaged in professional development - including in Jungian psycho dynamic psychotherapy; Systemic Family Therapy; Circle of Security training for parents and “Baby Brains” psycho education program for mothers.

I am an EFT therapist (trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples) and AEDP therapist (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) working with couples. EFT Couples therapy has really saved my relationship and I am so excited to support couples which go through difficulties and challenging stages to help them restructure their relationship.

I am also training in EMDR, Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR), CIMBS (Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems) and Somatic Experiencing (SE) for treating Complex Trauma.

All of these approaches enhance my expertise in working with a full range of difficulties for adults, including anxiety, depression, isolation, bereavement, trauma (adults), loss as well as with disruptive/dysfunctional couples

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