Number 42 Consultancy & mediation

We work closely with you to find out what is really going on and how best to bring about dialogue and reflection to encourage...

  • Improved communication
  • Productive thinking
  • Better relationships
  • Collaborative working
  • Sustainable change

We bring our experience and expertise to address the complexities and challenges you are facing.  With your willingness and commitment to working together, we help you return to your productive best.



We are a team of expert mediators, consultants and psychotherapists with extensive experience in the field of workplace and community conflict management.


We deliver professional mediation, conflict resolution and consultancy services, which are responsive to understanding your needs and designing constructive joint outcomes.


We work together with individuals, teams and organisations to improve communication, create better relationships, which improves team-work.


We offer a focused and warm approach that delivers sustainable change.

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