Attachment-based Psychotherapy

An Attachment-based psychotherapy works from a Psychoanalytic starting point, having its roots in Freud's theory of love. The practice focusses upon relationship and our styles of attachment, which evolve throughout childhood developing through the relationship with mother and father or main caregiver.

It could be said that one important feature of an attachment-based therapy is to understand our predominant style of attachment in our interactions and interpersonal relationships.

In an attachment-based therapy a secure base is the foundation of the work from which a person can explore creatively both the unconscious process within their internal world.

It is likely that someone wishing to engage with an attachment-based psychotherapy will work with their therapist for a few months and longer. Open ended work is sometimes what is needed to bring about a change in understanding oneself and our intimate and professional relationships, in the context of the world that we live in.